Trois Fontaine Terms and Conditions

Provisional bookings should be made by phone or email to confirm spaces available. We would expect to receive your deposit cheque of £50 per person within 7 working days. The deposit should be accompanied with a signed booking form available from the web site.  The person signing the form will be responsible for any other anglers in the group

The balance of payment for your holiday must be paid no later than 8 weeks prior to departure. If the balance is not received due to cancellation by the due date any payments made will be forfeited.

The price of your holiday is a fixed and agreed price and will not increase for more popular dates during the season. However we reserve the right to make increases due to any unforeseen changes to government tax or TVA.

Only one non-fishing guest per angler.

You will need to ensure that you have the correct type of NHS health cover card for any emergencies and that you hold a valid ten year passport.

We recommend that you have sufficient travel insurance for the period of your stay. This is a very cheap but invaluable cover for those unforeseen circumstances. Breakdown cover is advisable as motorway breakdowns are particularly expensive and the repatriation of your vehicle and any trailer to the UK can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

We are not liable for any loss, delay or cancellations beyond our control. This is to include weather delays, port closures, and employee strikes.
Any junior anglers under the age of 16 are to accompanied by an adult at all times and we cannot be held responsible for their welfare or safety.

No weapons of any description are allowed on our lake or grounds and you will be asked to leave if this rule is ignored. There are no rats on our property and the local mice are kept away by our cats. There are boats moored at the lakes but these are for the use of the bailiffs when necessary, for rescuing any snagged fish for example and are strictly not to be used by anglers.

When the Small Lake is booked under a Small Lake Exclusive, other anglers on the venue are restricted to the Main Lake only.
Only 6 rods in total may be used on the Small Lake, either 2 anglers with 3 rods each, or 3 anglers with 2 rods each.

We hope you will abide by our terms and conditions which are in force to ensure your safe and pleasant stay with us.

A copy of these rules will be sent with your final booking confirmation as well as displayed on our web site.

The French Traffic Police do congregate at the toll plazas and watch vehicles as they pass through. Please be aware that it is an offence not to wear a seat belt when the vehicle is moving. This includes stopping to pay at the toll booth and driving away while still putting the seat belt back on. This law also covers all passengers in the vehicle. The police will stop and make instant fines if they see the traffic rules being broken and they always watch UK vehicles very carefully.