Trois Fontaine Carp Fishing on the Small Lake

This smaller landscaped lake of just over 2 acres is available to anglers to expand your water area and provide a change of fishing techniques.

The lake was created by the previous French owners and is a pretty lake with willows, overhanging trees, shrubs and reeds. There is a lawn on one side, easy access around two thirds of the lake and a natural side left for stalking.  

We have stocked this lake with carp up to mid thirties to complement the existing stock and we have been encouraging rapid growth by feeding them on a high protein diet to grow them on. Check out the Gallery page to see the results!

Scot with the first capture of Marie from the Small Lake at Trois Fontaine

Scot had an incredible session and topped of a catch of 30 carp with the first capture of this magnificent specimen which he got to name as Marie.

The Small Lake is an easier venue and is a great place to go if you are struggling on the Main Lake and, as the picture shows, the rewards can be amazing!

Margin fishing on this lake can pay dividends with the reeds along the marginal shelf acting as natural attractors to the carp and being obvious places to lay a trap or try your hand at stalking.

The smaller size of this lakes makes it less susceptible to having the stock moved around with changes in wind direction and the carp are never far away from your bait.

Trois Fontaine Small Lake map and swims

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