More About Trois Fontaine

We are located in the beautiful and historic Champagne Ardenne, an easy and straightforward four hour drive from Calais.

The Search for Trois Fontaine

Lee's 30 at Trois Fontaine

After three years spent visiting France in search of our dream lake combining a great carp fishing holiday location and awesome carp fishing in the best of tranquil settings we finally came across Trois Fontaine.

Jon the owner and bailiff had a wish list that contained all the requirements for the ideal carp fishing venue and our lakes, set among the rolling hills and vineyards of the Champagne region of France, were perfect.

The lakes are home to various wildlife, buzzards glide on the thermals, deer go down to drink and we have a pair of kingfishers who dive looking for breakfast outside our windows.

Our bird table is visited by robins, wrens, blue and cole tits among others. Woodpeckers live in the trees by the swims and you can hear them tapping every day. A pair of herons take up the same position each morning along the bank and wade up and down fishing. We have had glimpses of red squirrels and birds of prey perch on our drive gates.

For peaceful surroundings, a natural environment and good fishing Trois Fontaine is the perfect venue for your French fishing holiday.

Background to Trois Fontaine

Trois Fontaine consists of two lakes which have been available for booking French carp fishing trips from 1st March 2008.

The largest lake is an ancient estate type lake with overhanging trees, reed lined and with various lily pads. The carp are virgin fish as the lake has never been fished on a commercial basis, or by the previous French owners. The smaller landscaped lake of 2 plus acres was created over 30 years ago by dividing the main lake and creating a dam wall. The smaller lake was stocked in addition to the original lake fish in 2007.

The property was bought without any knowledge of the resident carp although during the purchasing visits the loud sploshes coming from the big lake during spawning confirmed there were some big inhabitants who enjoyed showing off!.

From what we have seen and heard and judging by the conversations with the local woods guardian, we believe there are some big carp that we would expect to be over 50 pound. We have been feeding the ‘girls’ regularly with a good specialist low oil high protein feed that will be available for sale when we open. However because they have not previously been fed on a regular basis until we bought the lake, common sense dictates they will bite at anything within reason!

Trois Fontaine we know is recorded as being in existence in 1833 but was originally created by the local monks centuries ago to breed carp for the table as were many of the best lakes in France.

The tranquility and peace of the lake that comes with ancient waters and protected woodland has to be experienced to be appreciated.

During the drive from the village to our place you may see the occasional deer and possibly disturb some of the resident birds of prey who seem to always be perched on stakes around the cattle fields. There is a speed limit of 20 kilometers per hour during the drive through the fields to the lake but this is enforced purely to avoid causing ruts in the road.

The area is surrounded by typical French villages and only three miles from the main road that leads to the nearest town. This makes those trips into town for your supplies or meals out very accessible. 

Local Attractions

The Champagne Ardennes is an area rich in history, with some of the most spectacular scenery in France.  The region is dominated by lakes, rivers, canals and forests.  There are huge preserves and parks, and the vineyards stretch for miles.

Wild life flourishes in its magnificent verdant forests.  Its lakes and rivers are a backdrop for every imaginable outdoor activity.  There is biking, boating, fishing, hiking, with the list being endless.  When in Champagne, don’t forget to visit the world renowned champagne houses and caves. 

The largest man made lake in Europe, the famous Lac du Der-Chantecoq, is a well sign posted easy 20 minutes drive away through pretty French villages with beaches, swimming and other various water sports, plus biking and nature trails for the family.

Our area suffered greatly during the previous world wars and various memorials are erected with tourist visits catered for by local English speaking guides. A guide written in English from the local tourist board containing interesting and historical places to visit and tours of the many vineyards is available on request.

The nearest village to the lake with shops is 2 miles away and has a bakery, chemist, doctor, post office and bar/tabac.